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Wolf T-Shirts & Wolfpack Shirts

Fun Tees For Adults & Kids!

Adult Sizes S - 5XL: ON SALE From $18.70 (Reg. $22 - $32)
Youth Sizes S - XL: ON SALE From $13.95 (Reg. $16)
Wolf Lookout T-Shirt
Fire And Ice Wolves T-Shirt

"Wolf Lookout"

"Fire And Ice Wolves"

Adventure Wolf T-Shirt
Guardian Of The North T-Shirt

"Adventure Wolf"

"Guardian Of The North"



Northern Lights T-Shirt
Snow Plow T-Shirt

"Northern Lights"

"Snow Plow"



Unforgettable Journey T-Shirt
In Spirit I Am Free T-Shirt

"Unforgettable Journey"

"In Spirit I Am Free"



Wolf Of The Cosmos T-Shirt
Yin Yang Wolves T-Shirt

"Wolf Of The Cosmos"

"Yin Yang Wolves"




Wolf Pack T-Shirt
Where Light And Dark Meet T-Shirt

"Wolf Pack"

"Where Light And Dark Meet"


Wolfpack Moon T-Shirt
Wolves Of The Storm T-Shirt

"Wolfpack Moon"

"Wolves Of The Storm"



Find 10 Wolves T-Shirt
Find 12 Wolves T-Shirt

"Find 10 Wolves"

"Find 12 Wolves"


Find 9 Wolves T-Shirt
Red Glow Wolves T-Shirt

"Find 9 Wolves"

"Red Glow Wolves"



Star Wolves T-Shirt
Dire Winter T-Shirt

"Star Wolves"

"Dire Winter"



Triad T-Shirt
Eclipse Wolves T-Shirt


"Eclipse Wolves"


Siblings T-Shirt
Wolf Heart T-Shirt


"Wolf Heart"



Warrior Wolf T-Shirt
Black Wolf T-Shirt
"Warrior Wolf"

"Black Wolf"



Wolf Face T-Shirt
Black And White Wolf Face T-Shirt

"Wolf Face"

"Black And White Wolf Face"


DJ Fen T-Shirt
White Wolf DJ T-Shirt
"DJ Fen"
"White Wolf DJ"


Smoking Rasta Wolf T-Shirt
Wolf Portrait T-Shirt
"Smoking Rasta Wolf"
"Wolf Portrait"



Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt
Glow Wolf Moon T-Shirt

"Three Wolf Moon"
The Original Classic!

"Glow Wolf Moon"
The Original That Glows In The Dark!


OHT 3WM T-Shirt
Three Wolf Moon Blue T-Shirt
Proceeds Benefit Our Troops!

"Three Wolf Moon Blue"

Out Of Stock


Wolf Selfie T-Shirt
Equinox Wolves T-Shirt

"Wolf Selfie"

"Equinox Wolves"





Enchanted Wolf T-Shirt
Forest Spirit T-Shirt

"Enchanted Wolf"

"Forest Spirit"


Out Of Stock


Happy Wolf T-Shirt
Russo Howling Wolf T-Shirt
"Happy Wolf"
"Russo Howling Wolf"



Dragon Wolf Moon T-Shirt
Russo Wolf T-Shirt

"Dragon Wolf Moon"

"Russo Wolf"


Out Of Stock


Moon Wolves Collage T-Shirt
Night Wolves Collage T-Shirt

"Moon Wolves"

"Night Wolves"



Wolf Moon Spirit T-Shirt
Phoenix Wolf T-Shirt

"Wolf Moon Spirit"

"Phoenix Wolf"
Out Of Stock


The Guardian T-Shirt
Wolf Night Symphony T-Shirt
"The Guardian"

"Wolf Night Symphony"


Wolf Flag T-Shirt
Patriotic Wolfpack T-Shirt
"Wolf Flag"
"Patriotic Wolfpack"


Wolf Spirit Chief T-Shirt
Native Wolf Spirit T-Shirt
"Wolf Spirit Chief"
"Native Wolf Spirit"

Singing Lessons T-Shirt
Loving Wolves T-Shirt

"Singing Lessons"

"Loving Wolves"



Wolf In Dye Paw T-Shirt
"Wolf In Dye Paw"



Product Info:

• Hand Dyed & Printed In The USA!
• We Use Organic Dyes, With Soft, Non-Toxic Water-Based Inks
• 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton, Medium Weight

• Reinforced Double-Stitching On All Seams
• Relaxed Fit, Regular
• Unisex Sizes • Size Chart

Our unique printing process actually pulls the dye color out of the shirt,
leaving the ink color behind, essentially dyeing the cotton with the ink.
After dyeing, they are washed and dried, so they arrive to you comfortable,
pre-shrunk & ready to wear! You won't know where the print ends and the
shirt begins! HIgh quality, durable build, these tees will last you years to come!

Shipping Details:

All domestic orders will arrive in 5-10 business days, after order is placed.
*This includes processing and shipping times.
We ship with the US postal service, delivery confirmation and tracking is included!
Standard ground & Priority mail options are available. (Shipping rates as low as $5.00!)

All orders usually arrive in 9-15 business days, after order is placed.
*This includes processing and shipping times.
We ship with the US postal service, delivery confirmation and tracking is included!
You may be responsible for any taxes or duty fees required by customs.
(Shipping rates as low as $9.00)

Shipping to most european countries, including UK, and surrounding countries, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Iceland & Greenland, will take 5-8 weeks. Customs may cause further delays. You are responsible for paying any taxes or duties required by your country when you receive your package. All international sales are final.

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